Allergic Girl Resources, Inc. (AGR), engages corporations and organizations around food allergy issues and tailors services to the needs of its clients.

Consultation options include:

  • Improved awareness of key issues
  • Real-world tools to address concerns
  • Effective strategies for social media outreach, marketing and public relations

Advocacy groups: As an experienced speaker and presenter, I will energize your group with real-world advice and strategies for thriving in the world with severe food allergies.

Corporate clients: I will increase your ability to dynamically connect with your food allergic audience.

Doctors & Health Professionals: I will guide your food allergic patients toward more effective appointments, successful disease management and a decrease in anxiety around diagnosis.

Government: As a patient advocate, I represent the needs of many in the food allergic community.

Licensed Social Workers: In collaboration with nationally recognized continuing education providers, I teach real world strategies and tools that can be incorporated with counseling clients immediately to decrease in anxiety around diagnosis and increase client effectiveness.

Please contact us via email for more information.